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What Is Involved In A House Clearance

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  • 15-08-2023
What Is Involved In A House Clearance

Discover the ins and outs of house clearance in our comprehensive guide. Learn about the process, steps, and considerations involved in efficiently clearing a property. 

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What Do House Clearance Services Involve?

House clearance services involve professional companies – often referred to as clearance specialists – systematically removing unwanted items from your property. The process is initiated by identifying a suitable company. This search could involve checking local listings or conducting detailed online searches to find a range of these service providers.

Upon finding a company that fits your needs, the next step involves a thorough discussion about your property and the clearance job at hand. You'll need to provide details about your home's size and the total volume of items that you wish to have removed. This information aids the company in understanding the scope of the work involved, thereby allowing them to tailor their services to your specific needs.

Some house clearance services may offer to physically inspect your property to provide a more accurate quote. In contrast, others might be able to give an estimated quote based on the details provided over the phone. The latter could be more convenient for those who have a clear idea of what needs to be removed and prefer quicker service.

The cost of house clearance or house clearance costs, as they're commonly referred to, predominantly hinge on the volume of goods to be cleared. For example, the costs associated with clearing a large, four-bedroom house packed with items will inevitably exceed the prices for clearing a smaller, one-room flat. The size of the items to be removed can also significantly influence the cost.

When the clearance day arrives, a professional team from the company will appear at the specified location, equipped with a van load, ready to begin the clearance job. Part of the service often involves the recycling of items, with many companies committed to minimising waste by recycling or donating usable items where possible

What is a house clearance?

 Understanding House Clearance

In the UK, house clearance services are frequently utilised to help property owners manage and remove a variety of items and waste. These services are offered by professional companies, often known as clearance specialists or clearance companies. The scope of a house clearance can encompass all sorts of properties, from personal homes to sheds, garages, and even commercial spaces.

House clearance can be a vital service during times of change or transition. It might be required when you're moving house, dealing with a bereavement, or choosing to downsize. In each scenario, there can be an overwhelming number of items to deal with. Many of these items might carry sentimental value, making it a delicate process that demands sensitivity and care. House clearance services understand this emotional aspect and treat each task with the utmost respect.

 The House Clearance Process

The process of house clearance is methodical and aims to make the task as easy as possible for the client. It begins with a simple step: providing the clearance company with your details. You can usually do this through an online form available on the company's website.

Once your details have been received, the clearance company will contact you to arrange a visit. This interaction is also a chance for you to ask any questions you may have about the process.

The company's priority is to keep you informed and comfortable, ensuring their services align with your needs.

What Is Involved In A House Clearance? Household Waste Disposal Maidstone And Kent

The company's visit to your property serves a dual purpose. Firstly, it allows them to assess the property and the volume of items that need clearing. This physical assessment helps them understand the scope of work and plan the clearance effectively.

Secondly, it enables them to determine which items can be removed and which cannot, based on their policies or legal regulations. Following their assessment, the clearance company will provide you with a quote for their services. This quote will encompass all the services needed to clear your property, from the manpower involved to the transportation of items.

If you agree with the quote, you'll be asked to make an advance payment. This not only confirms your agreement but also helps secure your preferred date for the clearance. However, do note that most companies don't perform house clearances on weekends.

 Costs Involved in House Clearance

Understanding the costs involved in a house clearance can be quite complex as numerous factors come into play. On average, house clearance costs in the UK can range between £400 and £900. However, this price can fluctuate depending on various elements.

For instance, driver and van costs can significantly impact the total cost, as can the location of your property. If your property is situated in a remote area or somewhere difficult to access, the costs might be higher. The size of the clearance — that is, the volume of items to be cleared — also affects the overall price. Other cost factors include the disposal costs of certain items, such as mattresses, white goods, and televisions.

There might also be additional costs if you require packing services. Importantly, the value of any saleable items can offset the clearance costs. If there are items in good condition that can be sold in shops or online, this can reduce the final amount you pay for the clearance service. For a smaller number of saleable items, some companies offer a free home collection service.

What Happens To Items From A House Clearance?

A house clearance can feel like a significant event, a turning point that often signals change. However, what happens to the items that are removed from your home during this process?

In the UK, house clearance companies follow certain practices to manage these items. There are typically four routes that these items can take: reuse, recycling, being sent to auction, or, as a last resort, going to landfill.

 Reusing Items

The ethos of most house clearance services is grounded in an intent to breathe new life into the items they remove, provided that they are in a condition fit for reuse.

This sustainable practice involves partnering with local charities to ensure that your previously loved items find new homes and serve other individuals or families.

This practice not only extends the lifespan of these items but also aids in reducing waste, and in many cases, supports those in need within the community.

By repurposing items, no fees are generated, new products do not have to be manufactured, and the overall environmental impact is reduced.


 Recycling Items

When items are not suitable for direct reuse, recycling becomes the preferred option. Items made of plastic, cardboard, glass, or metal are most often recycled. This practice is fundamental to ensuring that these items don't end up in landfill, thus helping to minimise environmental harm.

Recycling contributes to a circular economy, where resources are reused, reducing the demand for new material production and helping to keep our environment cleaner and greener.

 Sending Items to Auction

In every home, there could be items of value that the owners might not recognise. House clearance isn't just about removing clutter; it's about identifying and appreciating the worth of these hidden treasures. For this reason, house clearance services often collaborate with auction houses.

This partnership enables items of potential value to be sold to the highest bidder, thereby ensuring their worth is not wasted. In many cases, the revenue generated from these sales can help offset the overall cost of the house clearance, creating a mutually beneficial scenario for both the homeowner and the clearance company.


Although the landfill is the least desired destination for items from a house clearance, some items are inevitably destined for this fate. 

Despite the continuous efforts of clearance companies to minimise waste, certain items cannot be reused, recycled, or sold.

However, professional clearance companies strive to keep the volume of waste sent to landfill to a minimum.

For many services, less than 15% of the total items from house clearances end up in landfill, marking a significant achievement in waste reduction.

house clearance services in the UK

To sum up, house clearance services in the UK do much more than simply remove items from homes. They follow a systematic and conscientious approach to dealing with these items, considering the best and most environmentally friendly way to handle each item, be it through reuse, recycling, auctioning, or, if necessary, landfill. 

This industry-wide commitment to sustainability, waste reduction, and value recognition makes house clearance a vital part of our responsible consumption and disposal practices.

Get in touch today if you have any household waste that needs collecting and disposed of correctly in Maidstone and Kent. Our experience and professionalism can help alleviate any stress or concerns you have concerning wastage.