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What Is Building Site Clearance

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  • 30-06-2023
What Is Building Site Clearance

What is building site clearance? This article looks at the purpose of site clearance and how site clearance works. Clear It Away offer professional waste removal services for Maidstone And Kent. Find out more about why is site clearance so important and the process of site clearance.

What is the Purpose of Site Clearance?

The main purpose of site clearance is to get rid of unused dangerous equipment, debris, and abandoned buildings that are falling apart. The surface or soil foundation of the site you intend to build on must be removed in case it possesses some harmful chemicals.

Doing so will also help level out the terrain. Professionals in the field have a duty to protect the ecological system and surrounding environment. So, all clearance jobs are carried out with the utmost care. Waste disposal is also completed using recycling and other eco-friendly techniques. These methods help us break down and process brick, concrete, mixed soils, and other materials, so that they may be used again. 

What Is Site Clearance In Construction?

Site clearance allows property or landowners to go back to the drawing board and have a clean slate to build on. Whatever site or stretch of land your project is on, it must be safe enough for your builders to work at.

Site clearances are utilised to free these locations from extensive hazards. Such hazards could pose a risk to your staff and any structures you wish to build or renovate.

Professionals use heavy machinery and their expertise to detect issues with the scene. With all the required equipment, they use industry-approved techniques to dispose of the waste found legally. 

It is essential to opt for a team that is fully licensed by the HSE (Health and Safety Executives).That way, you have full knowledge that they can legally remove knotweed contamination, hydrocarbon, asbestos, and other harmful chemicals.

What Is Building Site Clearance? Waste Removal Maidstone And Kent

What Does Site Preparation Involve?

Site preparation is essential for any construction owner with a site they intend to build on or renovate. Especially in areas that require significant waste clearance or soil removal. You need to ensure that before you begin building the environment is free of hazards, such as soil, debris, asbestos, sharp objects, etc. That way, you'll have a blank canvas to work on. 

How Does Site Clearance Work?

When it comes to site clearance, there are a number of steps involved that help you achieve a high industry standard. It is a job that includes using heavy machinery and skilled professionals to rid waste and dangers from your construction site or property. 

SITE INVESTIGATION SURVEY The investigation survey is paramount for all lands and properties that you wish to acquire or adapt in any manner. This step is when you hire a surveyor or professional contractor to complete an assessment of your site environment. It's used to determine whether or not is it safe to purchase or build on. These surveys establish great depth, addressing the details of where the problem areas are, where it is safe to build, and why these issues need to be addressed. Professionals are required to carry out such steps, as investigative surveys are a legal requirement. All those who perform it should be qualified and fully trained in the art of detecting vital damages. The site survey analyses the safety of the building and the people on-site, so it must be done properly. 

SITE CLEARANCE This step is useful for clearing away leftover waste and demolishing anything harmful that remains on your site. In the demolition process, you can accumulate plenty of waste. So, it's best to hire a professional site clearance company to remove all the debris, dust, and soil on your land. It is a far more cost-effective and time-efficient option to have experts do it for you instead of hiring lots of tools and equipment yourself. Your environment will need to be cleared till it is in the best possible condition. Getting it to such a professional standard will involve numerous processes. These help remove harmful soils, lingering chemicals, underground infrastructures, materials, and rubble. Ultimately, your professionals will utilise a range of high-quality, industry-level methods to rid your environment of dangers. 

PlanningOnce the site clearance is finished, you can then begin to officially plan all the large or finer details of your project from scratch. You must remember that site clearance is crucial to implement before any kind of construction work goes ahead. Site surveys and cleanups allow you to identify the key issues of the site. It demonstrates the dangers at stake, and then professionals will help you remove them sensibly. Removing these problems gives you a clean basis to work on. It perfectly outlines the floor plans of your chosen site or property. Which helps assist with the plotting or installation of essential fixtures, pipework, and septic tanks.

Why is Site Clearance so important?

There are so many reasons why hiring a professional site clearance is a wise idea before ploughing ahead on any construction site. Land clearance is significant for many health and safety reasons. It is especially useful on lands that are contaminated or possess harmful materials left by previous owners or workers.

It helps workers prepare their land for a brand-new building project or renovation that they are eager to start. We encourage home or property owners to utilise the help of trained professionals. They can fast-track the work and will push the momentum of your project forward by clearing the land.

Once the site is free of all potential damage and risks, you can then hire the right machinery to complete the job at hand. It's best to find a team of environmentally conscious clearers that offer their services to domestic and commercial projects. They will be able to tackle a broader spectrum of issues and will have plenty more skills and knowledge regarding the risks of each environment. 

What does the process of Site Clearance include?

Before a clearance of any construction site proceeds. there is plenty to consider and prepare. At many site clearance companies, they will have a team of talented, loyal, and highly experienced professionals that will complete a series of tasks to benefit your environment.

They will begin with a thorough assessment of the environment, and this will help detect any waste products and their risks to workers.

It often results in the development of various Project Documents that outline the issues at hand and how best to overcome them. Some of the problems identified may include the following:


  • Significant project risks and the actions that must be taken to mitigate them.
  • They will assess the existing ground conditions and ensure they are adequate.
  • Your professionals will then curate a series of the most effective and efficient methods to help carry out the site clearance work. All waste disposal routes are selected according to the Waste Hierarchy.
  • They understand all the potential dangers and effects that the surrounding waste could have on your project and environment, and have knowledge on how best to handle them.
  • You will need Regulatory Constraints, Stakeholder Engagement, Permits and Licenses.
  • Once all these steps have been completed a professional site clearance can proceed. 

Get in touch today if you have any commercial or builders waste that needs collecting and disposed of correctly in Maidstone and Kent. Our experience and professionalism can help alleviate any stress or concerns you have concerning wastage.