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What Are Bulky Household Items

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  • 31-01-2022
What Are Bulky Household Items

If you are clearing out household waste, you may want to arrange for bulky waste collection. But what are bulky household items? We look at what is considered bulky waste.

What Is Bulky Waste For Householders?

In the world of waste disposal, there are certain items commonly found in UK households known as "bulky waste". This type of waste can be a nuisance for householders, especially when renovating or clearing out your home or property. As the name might suggest, "bulky" waste can be incredibly difficult to move, let alone dispose of, without professional help.

On a more specific note, bulky household waste can be defined as items or materials that you want to dispose of that cannot be sold, donated, or that will not fit inside a conventional wheelie bin. You can see why these items or materials would need a professional hand in helping to remove them from properties.

Only professional bulky household items and waste collection services have the facilities and capabilities to safely dispose of these items and bric-a-brac outside of basic domestic disposal methods.

Bulky waste can be further divided into two types: clean and dirty. Clean bulky waste refers to bulky items such as furniture, soft furnishings, carpets, mattresses, packing materials and appliances, such as fridges, washing machines and dishwashers.

Dirty bulky waste refers to unwanted household items and materials such as doors, windows, fence panels, garden waste, flooring, doors, windows, kitchen units, bathroom units and general renovation or DIY waste, such as old tiling and rubble.


What Are Bulky Household Items?

These definitions might be slightly confusing for homeowners or private landlords, given that local councils do not differentiate between the two types of bulky waste.

While your local council has a statutory obligation to remove bulky waste for you at no personal charge due to your council tax payments.

This typically only applies to what we have called "clean" bulky waste above.

Therefore, items termed "dirty" bulky waste are unlikely to be removed by your local council. They will not remove any waste materials generated through home improvements and renovations or any waste produced through construction or demolition work. Therefore, if you have any dirty bulky waste that needs removing, you will have to turn to private waste removal services.

Your local authority will most likely refer to this type of waste as "trade waste" and will refuse to allow you to dispose of this waste in your local council waste dump or recycling centre. The only organisations or businesses that will accept trade waste, or dirty waste, are private, commercial waste facilities and bulky collection services that charge other companies by weight to remove and dispose of it.

Disposal Options For Bulky Waste

While it might sound like a complete headache trying to get bulky waste removed from your home or property, do not worry, there is always a way. If you cannot sell, donate or re-use the items you want to get rid of, there are many other ways to dispose of unwanted items of bulky waste that are legal and easy to arrange for a specific collection date.

Here are a few responsible ways of disposing of bulky waste:

Many retailers offer a take-back service when you need to get rid of bulky waste, such as out-of-date appliances, old furniture and kitchenware. These retailers will replace these old bulky waste items with newer models where possible.

Professional house clearance companies can also remove any bulky waste you struggle to get rid of. They have trained handlers who have a wealth of experience removing household waste and responsibly disposing of any extra items.

Household-waste-outside - Disposal Options For Bulky Waste

You can take any bulky waste you want to remove from your home or property to your local council dump, civic amenity site, or collections points. These tips, recycling centres and household waste treatment centres are the best way to get rid of any bulky waste you have responsibly. If your local council does offer a bulky collection service, you can take advantage of this service to clear your home or property.

There are other private and commercial options for removing bulky waste, such as man & van services and professional rubbish clearance professionals. 

To remove your bulky waste, you can always arrange a professional skip hire or skip bag hire service on a particular collection day. You can dump your waste into the skip or hippo bag you hire, and the service will remove it for you.

It may not be the most environmentally friendly way to remove your bulky waste, other options include building a bonfire in your garden and burning the waste you want to remove. 

What Are Types Of Bulky Household Items?

What Are types of Bulky Household Items?

It will be beneficial to look at what items are considered as bulky waste, in general, by local councils. Again, some councils limit the types of waste, items, or materials they will dispose of on your behalf. Outside of these services, you will have to remove and dispose of the bulky waste yourself.

Here is a selection of the items, materials and waste that most local councils will collect and dispose of on your behalf:

household Appliances

such as fridges, freezers, electric and gas cookers, washing machines, dishwashers, and other items known as "white goods".

electrical Appliances

such as computers or laptops, printers, televisions, radios and hoovers.

household Furniture

such as sideboards, beds, bases, wardrobes, mattresses, dressers and fabric sofas, including three-piece suites

Dining Furniture

including desks, tables, chairs and full suites

Garden Items

this includes wheelbarrows, lawnmowers, rotary washing lines and garden furniture

Childrens Items

such as prams or pushchairs, paddling pools, swings, slides and bicycles

Internal Items

such as doors, linoleum tiles, step ladders and carpets


A selection of the items and materials your local council may not offer collection and disposal of includes:

Dismantling items

such as bathroom suites, oil tanks, storage heaters, boilers, Rayburns, radiators, gas, and fire surrounds

Housing Construction

such as timber window frames, guttering and glass window panes

Hazardous Materials

such as asbestos, which requires professional handling

Large items

such as pianos or car parts

Construction Rubble

This is because it is a responsibility of any commercial contractor to clean up after themselves

External items

such as any outside features or garage doors

Get in touch today if you have any bulky waste that needs collecting and disposed of correctly in Maidstone and Kent. Our experience and professionalism can help alleviate any stress or concerns you have concerning wastage.