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How To Dispose Of White Goods

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  • 14-02-2022
How To Dispose Of White Goods

Do you want to find out more about how to dispose of white goods? We look at what white goods can be re-used and how to recycle white goods.

How To Dispose Of White Goods

The process of disposing of white household goods is very different to that of disposing of regular household waste. If you want to get rid of a white good from your home then it may be because you have purchased a replacement or the appliance has become defunct. In this situation, you need to know how to dispose of the good appropriately.

Electrical goods, when they are in the process of being disposed of, are known as e-waste. Approximately, on average, about 50 tons of e-waste is disposed of every year. Not only that, but that number is rising. The UN reports that the majority of this waste is coming from first world countries, especially those that are known for their environmentally friendly awareness.

A 2013 statistic reported by the UN states that the waste that could have been either recycled or recovered was worth around $52 billion. This huge amount of waste includes approximately 300 tons of gold, which is around 11% of all gold production. Within this waste, there are huge amounts of toxins. This includes lead, cadmium, mercury, and a huge proportion of ozone-harming CFC gasses.


What White Goods Can Be Re-used

If you have an electrical item that is still in good working condition, then you should consider the following options:

Check to see if your local council offers a service for re-use

Some furniture reuse organisations or charity shops will accept donations of white goods, and several will offer collection services for the goods.

Often, a simple repair can give an older item a new lease of life and save you huge amounts of money.  Check whether it may be easier and cheaper to simply get an expert to make a repair for you, or even search online for repairs you can do yourself.

How To Dispose Of White Goods

How To Recycle White Goods

If you're looking for a quick and easy solution for disposing of unwanted electrical items then here is a great tip for you. Many businesses who will be delivering you your new item will also be able to take care of your unwanted item too. Especially for larger items such as freezers, fridges, and TVs.

Or there is always the option of taking your items to the local household waste recycling centre or checking to see if your local council offers a household recycling collection scheme for bulky appliances.

White Goods vs Brown Goods

White goods are classified as such due to the colour they usually come in. They are large electrical appliances, often found in the kitchen. They are considered to be white good even if they are not necessarily white but are metallic silver or a new modern fashionable colour.

Back in the day, fridges would always be coated in a bright enamel white, this is where the name comes from. Some examples of white goods are fridges, deep freezers, washing machines, clothes dryers, air conditioners, stoves, ovens, and more.

Brown goods are electrical goods other than kitchen and laundry appliances. This term applies to household entertainment equipment such as TVs, stereos, CD players, radios, and more.


Responsible White Good Disposal

There are purpose made channels for disposing of electronic waste and the recycling of appliances too. The recycling of these goods will help to reduce landfills and assist resource conservation.

Most of all, it will help with the reduction of greenhouse gasses which are used in the production of new materials. These new materials can be formed from recycled resources.

The metal recycling industry can strip around 70% of the material from household white goods before the remainder of the materials are sent to a landfill. A quality skip bin company will know how to deal with white goods. There are many metal recycling programs, and in most cases skip bin professionals will alongside them and work in coordination with them.

White Good Disposal Options Available

Firstly, contact the retail who you purchased the item from. Simply call or email the retailer to ask if they will remove your old fridge or washing machine when your new replacement is being delivered. If you are open to paying a small fee for the delivery change then this is a fantastic option. Not only will the retailer handle the good in the correct legal manner, but it will also take all of the responsibility away from you so you do not have to deal with the appliance any longer

Call your local council, many councils will offer not only advice for disposal but they may even have a scheme that will involve them picking up the item for you. If this is not possible, get information from them about your local resource recovery centre. Where is it located? Which items do they take?

Perhaps look at second-hand dealers, certain dealers will pay for used items which can be fixed and resold on the market.

Charity organisations. If your appliance is still usable then have you thought about giving it to a charity that will gladly accept it?

Why not try out Facebook marketplace or other internet sales marketplaces? People are always looking for great deals on the internet.

Fixing the appliance yourself is always an option

If your appliance is not resealable then metal recyclers will be more than happy to deal with your item for you

Get in touch today if you have any bulky waste collection that needs collecting and disposed of correctly in Maidstone and Kent. Our experience and professionalism can help alleviate any stress or concerns you have concerning wastage.