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How Much Does It Cost To Clear A House In The UK

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  • 30-07-2023
How Much Does It Cost To Clear A House In The UK

Curious about house clearance costs in the UK? Explore our guide for insights into pricing factors, considerations, and options. From size and contents of the property to disposal fees, we break down the elements that affect the cost of clearing a house. 

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How much does house clearance cost?

House clearance services offer a range of pricing methods, leaving many individuals wondering about the various factors that influence the costs.

From volume-based charges to weight-based or fixed one-off fees, understanding the pricing options is essential for making informed decisions. Let's explore the intricacies of house clearance costs, additional charges for specific items, factors affecting the overall expense, and alternative options like skip hire.

House Clearance Costs

The cost of house clearance varies based on the size of the clearance and the number of items that need to be removed. House clearance companies typically offer different service packages, allowing customers to choose according to their specific needs and budgets.

 An extra small clearance, suitable for up to 250kg of items or roughly a quarter of a large van load, generally starts from around £175. This option is ideal for smaller clearances, such as decluttering a single room or disposing of a few items.

 For a small clearance, capable of handling up to 500kg or about half a large van load, the starting cost is approximately £325. This package is suitable for removing items from a small flat or clearing out a few rooms in a house.

 A medium clearance, catering to up to 750kg or about three-quarters of a large van load, typically starts from £400. This service is a popular choice for larger houses or office spaces requiring more extensive clearing.

 For a large house clearance, involving up to 1,000kg or a full van load, the starting cost is around £595. This comprehensive package is suitable for clearing entire houses, especially when relocating or managing an estate.

How does house clearance work?

House clearance involves the process of removing items and possessions from a property, whether it's the entire premises, part of it, or simply to declutter and eliminate unwanted belongings.

This service is often sought after in situations like bereavement when residents move into long-term care, or when dealing with abandoned or repossessed properties. The main objective of house clearance is to empty the property of its contents, preparing it for resale or repurposing.

Various companies specialise in offering house clearance services to cater to diverse needs. They efficiently handle the removal of unwanted items and may deduct the value of any valuable or resalable possessions from the overall clearance cost, providing some financial benefit to the property owner.

How Much Does It Cost To Clear A House In The Uk? Household Waste Disposal Maidstone And Kent

A responsible and ethical approach is often taken by house clearance companies. They donate usable items to charities, ensuring that items in good condition find new homes and contribute to charitable causes. Simultaneously, they collaborate with local authorities to ensure proper disposal of items that cannot be donated or resold, adhering to waste disposal legislation to protect the environment.

In the case of unusable electrical items, there may be additional fees for their recycling under the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directive (WEEE), which promotes proper recycling and disposal of electronic waste. Selecting a reputable house clearance company is crucial.

It's essential to verify that the company possesses the necessary permits and licenses for waste disposal and recycling. Inquiring about their environmentally-friendly practices ensures that the company follows ethical guidelines.

Additional Charges for Specific Items

In addition to the base clearance costs, house clearance companies may apply additional charges for certain items that require special handling or disposal. These additional costs can vary depending on the company and the specific items involved. Here are some common items that may incur extra charges:

 Televisions & Monitors: These electronic items often carry an additional clearance cost of around £20 per item due to their specific recycling requirements.

 Fridge Freezers: The cost of disposing of fridge freezers will depend on their size. For small fridge or freezer units, the clearance cost is typically around £140 each, while larger fridge freezers may incur a cost of around £120 each.

 Mattresses: Disposing of mattresses usually requires an additional charge, which is generally around £25 per mattress on top of the standard house clearance cost.

 Small Electrical Items: Items like kettles, irons, and toasters may be subject to a small additional cost, typically around £10 per item.

It's essential to clarify the potential additional charges for specific items with the chosen house clearance company to avoid any surprises in the final bill.

What does a house clearance involve?

House clearance is a straightforward process that typically commences with the property owner carefully setting aside belongings that hold either real or sentimental value. Following this, they approach a specialist clearance company to obtain a quote for their services.

Alternatively, the property owner can request a quote specifically for any valuable items they wish to be handled separately, which proves especially useful for those in a hurry or desiring to avoid the intricacies of reselling such items.

Although selling items individually may lead to higher returns, many individuals opt for the sheer convenience and time-saving benefits that come with engaging professional house clearance services.


Once an agreement is reached, the chosen clearance company proceeds with clearing the house of the designated items on the pre-arranged date. The fee for their services can often be offset by the inclusion of high-value items that the company can efficiently resell on behalf of the property owner.

By enlisting the expertise of clearance specialists, property owners can effortlessly sidestep the hassle of transporting unwanted possessions to waste tips or recycling centres, thereby saving both valuable time and expenses.

Reputable house clearance specialists take immense pride in their work, ensuring that homes are left in tidy and uncluttered condition. This makes them an ideal choice for property owners who are looking to sell the property, embark on remodelling projects, or prepare the space for rental purposes.

Factors Affecting House Clearance Costs

Several factors influence the overall cost of house clearance services. Understanding these factors can help individuals better estimate the total expense of their clearance project. Some key considerations include:

 Quantity & Types Of Items: The number and types of items to be cleared directly impact the overall cost. Larger volumes of items or items that require special handling may increase the final bill.

 Accessibility: The ease of access to the property and the clearance site can influence the cost. Difficult-to-reach areas may require additional effort and time, leading to higher charges.

 Volume Of Belongings: The volume of belongings to be cleared may affect the size of the clearance vehicle required. Additional vans or larger vehicles may incur extra costs.

 Location: House clearance prices can vary across different regions and cities in the UK. Urban areas may have higher costs compared to rural locations.

 Skip Hire: For individuals who prefer to take their time in sorting through their belongings, skip hire can be an attractive alternative to house clearance services. Skip hire allows you to have a skip container placed on your property, where you can gradually fill it with the items you wish to dispose of.

The average cost of skip hire ranges between £105 and £305 per day, depending on the size and type of skip chosen. Skip hire is an excellent option when you have the time and inclination to manage the clearance process yourself. However, it's important to be aware of local regulations and permits required for placing a skip on public land. 

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