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How Do I Dispose Of Unwanted Household Items

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  • 31-01-2022
How Do I Dispose Of Unwanted Household Items

Are you looking to clear out some household waste? This article asks: how do I dispose of unwanted household items. We discuss what can be recycled and what should be collected by a clearance company.

When you have unwanted household items, the first option is to give them away to friends or family. What may be useless or ill-fitting for your home might not be for someone else's. 

Different people choose different aesthetics for their properties, and if they are working to create a new decor, having a cheaper alternative source of furniture and household items will really help them - and help you get rid of the items you don't want.

You can even advertise your items on social media, with marketplaces such as eBay, Facebook or Gumtree being excellent options for independent selling. Suppose you are indifferent to getting money for your items and simply want to give them away. In that case, that is an excellent option too, with local charity shops taking most contributions for previously unwanted items. 


Naturally, it could be the case that the unwanted household items you do not want are not popular with anyone else either. In this case, the best option might be to recycle the items you do not want.

You can arrange for a local skip hire or waste collection service to gather your unwanted items or materials and dispose of them in an environmentally friendly way.

recycle-bin - how do I dispose of unwanted household items

Alternatively, suppose the items you want to dispose of are not particularly large or numerous in quantity. In that case, you can always take them to your local council dump or tip site and recycle them yourself.

As resources are so precious these days, choosing to re-use or recycle your unwanted items is the most environmentally conscious way of de-cluttering your home or property. 

Can it be re-used?

Whenever you fall out of love with a certain item or piece of furniture, before simply running it to the local dump, you should consider whether it could be used by anyone else.

People often throw away things in perfect working order and simply don't fit in with their new decor or decoration. If this is the case for your unwanted item, it may be worth trying to sell it locally or simply give it away to someone who could use it.

Charities up and down the UK all accept donations of unwanted items. You can arrange for a collection service to take the items you want to donate from you or drop them off yourself if they are easily transportable.

However, remember that your local charities are not just places where you can dump your unwanted rubbish; they need quality items that they can resell to fund their charitable work. 


A House Clearance company

Alternatives to the steps previously mentioned include hiring a dedicated house clearance company or business, rather than a rubbish removal service, and having them dispose of your unwanted household items responsibly.

These house clearance services make most of their money by reselling or re-using the items you want to get rid of, rather than dumping them in the local tip.

The benefits of choosing these companies are that they will likely charge very little to remove the items from your home, sometimes even paying you cash for the items you want removing if they notice anything of great value.

Therefore, if you are removing items that simply don't match your new decor but are otherwise in perfectly good condition, hiring a house clearance company to remove the items will be your best option. 

local tip

So long as you have enough space in your car or vehicle, you can transport your unwanted items to a tip or amenities centre run by your local council authority.

These services are funded by your council tax payments, meaning they are free to access and use so long as you have proof of your residency in the local area. This is, therefore, the cheapest way of dumping your unwanted items.


However, local council tips won't accept trade waste, such as rubble, tiling, or window frames, as these are extracted by commercial contractors, who are obliged to dispose of it on their own, without using council-funded tips.

Therefore, you should think twice before hiring a commercial van to take your unwanted items to the tip if they decide to turn you away. 

Council household waste collection service

Alongside free at the point of use tips, your local council is obligated to offer bulky item collection services for its local residents. This means that anything too big for you to transport to the tip yourself can be collected by your local council for disposal. 

Again, this bulky collection service is limited to household items, for example, carpets, mattresses, electrical goods and appliances like fridges and washing machines, and bric-a-brac - not commercial or DIY waste.

Naturally, there will be a few hiccups with your local council collection service compared to private waste removal services. There may be limitations on the bulky items they can collect, and it may not be the smoothest-run waste collection you have ever seen. However, given that it is free to use as a local resident, it would be a misstep to disregard it as an option when you have items you want to get rid of.


Using a private waste removal business

No matter if you are a homeowner of a renting tenant, you have a Duty of Care to the property and the surrounding neighbourhood. Part of this duty means that you ensure your items are not illegally dumped in the area - or any other area for that matter! 

If you are found to be fly-tipping your unwanted items or waste, you can be issued a Fixed Penalty Notice of £200 or prosecuted in criminal court.

With cheaper, more socially responsible, and environmentally conscious ways of getting rid of your bulky waste, why risk the fine? Even your local man with a van service can help you remove your unwanted household items. However, there are checks you need to make when hiring a private or commercial waste handling service, including:

Checking that the service you hire is accredited with a waste carrier licence.

Ensure that you receive a receipt or online transaction record for the services you employ the collection company for.

Note down the registration number of the van used to transport your waste if something goes wrong down the line.

Check where the service you hire will dispose of the items you want to get rid of.


Get in touch today if you have any household waste that needs collecting and disposed of correctly in Maidstone and Kent. Our experience and professionalism can help alleviate any stress or concerns you have concerning wastage.